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London based model and music producer Luchi Blue shares with us his news, thoughts and inspirations.


Question 01:

Tell us a bit more about yourself and your background!

LB: I’m 22, born and raised in South East London. I’m quarter Italian, quarter Austrian and half English. I’m a fashion model and musician representing the city of London.


My greatest passion in life has always been music. I have been creating and studying music for the whole of my life. From the early beginnings of singing and playing the guitar to now producing, mixing and releasing my own music worldwide.

Question 02:

What motivates you in life?

LB: I have many close friends who are all in the creative industries and seeing them succeed and reach their goals, motivates me to get myself in gear and work hard!

Question 03:

Your top 5 musical artists?

LB: House of Pharaohs, Drake, Childish Gambino, Jamiroquai,

Jack Harlow. That's my top 5.

Question 04:

How do you find modelling?

LB: I love it. The industry is tough but it can actually bring on some amazing opportunities. My favorite thing about the job is that I get to meet new people everyday.

Question 05: Something crazy you have done so far?

LB: I’ve done a few road trips around Europe with some of my boys and believe me we got us up to some really crazy stuff. Maybe too crazy to write about though haha

Question 06: Favorite food?

LB: My favorite food has got to be avocado on toast. I don’t think there is any time of the day that I don’t fancy a bit of that. But I believe my avo on toast is next level.

Question 07: Best city or place you ever visited?

LB: The best place I have ever visited has got to be Machu Picchu in Peru. I traveled around South America in 2019 and it was all absolutely insane, but that particular place had to be the highlight of the trip for me.

Question 08:

Your future travel plans?

LB: I have many future travel plans. But I really want to go back to New York and model over there. I also want to go back  to Australia and travel around, as the last time I was there

I was just primarily working.

Question 09: How will the future in music be like?

LB: The future in music is going to be very exciting. Its a big question for sure. But in the last few years we are moving further away from major labels and big album releases, to the era of the independent artists. With the advances in technology and social media channels, the opportunities of the bedroom producer have increased greatly.


However the longevity of artist’s careers could decrease with this huge influx of new upcoming artists. I think it is very important nowadays that artists are multi-genre and open to experimenting with their music more than ever. This is something I have been doing with my music and will continue to do so.

Last question! What's your biggest dream in your life?

LB: My biggest dream in my life is one day to be traveling the globe on my sold out tour! You gotta dream big right?

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