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Few words about us


1987 reveals a whole new world, featuring exclusive interviews, editorials, news, backstage stories, video footage and stories of young talents, artists, actors, athletes, musicians, models and creative souls.

Submission guidelines

Before submitting your work please take a careful look at our mood board and photography style. The magazine's aesthetic is focused on showcasing personality, character and natural poses. Submissions should follow the candid, fun and natural style as featured in the mood board page.

Frequently asked questions

- Is the magazine available in print? Yes, both in print & digital format.

- Is the magazine available in my city? Yes, 1987 is delivered worldwide.

- My order hasn't arrived yet Please kindly contact Blurb Help Center.

- How many pages are there in the magazine? 100 Pages in total.

- How can I see a preview of the magazine? For a preview click here.

For general inquiries:

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