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1987 EXCLUSIVE: LA based fashion brand HIRO CLARK shares with us their story & inspirations.

Question #1:
Tell us a bit more about the brand’s story, how you decided to launch and about your primary inspirations that define your fashion and design aesthetic.

HIRO CLARK: Hiro Clark is a brand for guys born from the vibe in our hometown, Los Angeles. We like to think that we make the perfect tees and sweats. We started with limited edition graphics and at the moment, we've got a whole new collection of blanks to keep your wardrobe fresh.
Question #2:
What brings you to LA?

HIRO CLARK: Why does anyone come to L.A.? We all come here looking for something. I came to L.A. for something different, something new, something unknown. I don’t think I figured out what I was looking for before I actually found it.

Question #3:
What's your main inspiration?

HIRO CLARK: The idea is to deliver definitive classics that make sure you’re down for whatever on long days and late nights. Our mantra is “the brighter the light, the darker the shadow”. We’re all about repping the darker side of LA.

Question #4:
What are your principles in fashion design?

Make something that you can just wear every day. If you can just pick a t-shirt off your floor and it smells fresh, then you’re good to go.

Question #5:
Things that catch your attention on someone’s styling preferences.

HIRO CLARK: Keep it simple. I want to see a guy’s face and their personality. I’m not really a big fan when guys bury themselves in distractions, it makes me think that they’re trying to hide something.

Question #6: How’s the future of fashion?

HIRO CLARK: Of all the things to worry about, that’s actually at the bottom of the list.

Question #7:
Your favorite part of California?

HIRO CLARK: The beach. Forever the beach.

Question #8:
Your dream for the future.
HIRO CLARK: Right now, that changes daily. It would be nice to have one single day where it didn’t feel like the world was on fire. But we have a lot to do before we get there. 

Question #9:
If you had to choose between black and white,
what would you choose?

HIRO CLARK: I only wear black so that’s an easy one. I’m a big fan of the uniform - it’s one less decision a day.

Question #10: A tip for young creatives.
Don’t try to be everything to everyone.
Nobody wants the watered down version of you.

HIRO CLARK on Instagram:

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