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Professional swimmer and model, Ionut Radu, shares with us his vision about life and his modeling career.

Question #1:

How did you start modeling?

Ionut: I started modeling just by sending an email to PRM Models in London, in which I attached 2 pictures of me. They got back to me and signed me straight away.

Question #2: Your dream city?

Ionut: My dream city has always been Reykjavik.

Question #3: What do you usually have for breakfast?

Ionut: Cereals and Milk!

Question #4:

Favorite music band?

Ionut: Cat Stevens!

Question #5:

Your biggest dream in life?

Ionut: Travel and live my life to the fullest.

Question #6:

Your inspiration in life?

Ionut: My inspiration in life has always been brought by the movies, that's what actually opened my eyes and made me dream.

Question #7:

An athlete who inspires you?

Ionut: Travis Fimmel

Question #8: Favorite movie?


Ionut: Men of Honor

Question #9: If you were a cartoon, what character would you choose to be?

Ionut: Definitely the Joker!

Question #10: If you could travel back in time, which era and city would you choose?


Ionut: During the 70s - 80s and definitely in New York!

Ionut Radu on Instagram:


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